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String Is Integer

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You want to determine whether a string is an integer


The io_lib:fread function is the easiest method. io_lib:fread can handle strings containing base 2 through 36 numbers into a number, though decimal is the default. If the conversion can't be performed, or if the string does not contain a number, io_lib:fread returns {error} (rather than {ok}. Here are some examples showing the proper format specifiers:

1> io_lib:fread("~d", "1234").
2> io_lib:fread("~16u", "abc").
3> io_lib:fread("~d", "abc").

This is only half the solution, however. io_lib:fread works for any kind of number, so technically, you should wrap the call in a call to the is_integer predicate:

4> Is_String_Int = fun(String) ->
4>     {ok,IntString,Stuff} = io_lib:fread("~d", String),
4>     IntStringHead = hd(IntString),
4>     is_integer(IntStringHead)
4> end.
5> Is_String_Int("77").

Even this function is not perfect. It thinks "77.7" is an integer since it reads the 77 and drops the .7 prior to trying the is_integer predicate. Need to research this a bit more.

Is there a reason why the list_to_integer function is not used for this?

6> Is_String_Int_L = fun(String) ->
6>     case (catch list_to_integer(String)) of
6>         {'EXIT', _} -> false;
6>         Integer -> true
6>     end
6> end.
7> Is_String_Int_L("77.7").
8> Is_String_Int_L("77").