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EDoc is the Erlang documentation generator that extracts useful information regarding modules and functions from specially tagged comments included in the code.

Sample EDoc Tags

The following illustrates some of the tags that may be embedded within comments to be used by EDoc to generate documentation. Tags are preceded by the '@' symbol.

%% @author Unknown Author < >
%% @copyright © 2010 Your Company
%% @version 1.0.0
%% @title The `displayDate' function.
%% @doc `displayDate' takes a date/time as a parameter, and reformats it to
%% display as "YYYY-MM-DD".

Generating Documentation from EDoc Tags

The following functions are used to extract the documentation from EDoc tags:

  • edoc:application/2 : Creates documentation for a typical Erlang application.
  • edoc:packages/2 : Creates documentation for one or more packages, automatically locating source files.
  • edoc:files/2 : (Deprecated) Creates documentation for a specified set of source files.
  • edoc:run/3 : General interface function; the common back-end for the above functions.

To run edoc on the command line use:

erl -noshell -run edoc_run packages '[""]' '[{source_path, ["."]}]'

{Examples needed to illustrate how the functions to extract EDoc documentation are used, and the syntax required.}

Additional Documentation