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Using Faxien and Sinan

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Michał Ptaszek

Using Faxien and Sinan Overview

Faxien is easy-to-use and convinient tool for managing Erlang/OTP applications and releases in our system. It supports obtaining and publishing packages from and to repositories.

Sinan is a build system for Erlang/OTP projects, which has support for dependency checking, building, creating releases, tars and running dialyzer. Both of that products were created by Erlware - an Erlang developer central.

More information about Faxien and Sinan you can find on Erlware home site

Installing Faxien and Sinan

In order to install Faxien, you should get one of the bootstrap installers (platform-indepentent python version or the one suitable for your system) from Google Code project page.