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Kowloon Multi-player Map - Elegant combat while using single-player level just where players traverse Kowloo, some remarkable China. This specific map has become engineered from the beginning as much as match a multi-player experience. This road also delivers a primary for Call of Duty: Black Ops using the completely new in-map zip-line characteristic, allowing members to Black Ops DLCBlack Ops DLC from one point to your next within a relatively short amount of time. Drawback to that brand-new zip-line is it leaves players completely open and unable to use their very own weapons. This can be absolute to spark the eye of many die-hard Call of Duty participants.

Discovery Multiplayer Map - Switching sides within the snowfall. This specific antarctic study outpost was left from your Germans in World War minimal payments The guide features a deep chasm that stands between the two tips of the degree, which has a small connection connecting either edge. Players struggle for power over the area bridge but need to exercise care when traversing. The bridge can be damaged by simply Black Ops DLC, C4, or other explosive equipment.

Koeln Wall Multiplayer Road - Created for large multi-player matches, that map is actually a recreation with the Berlin Divider Checkpoint Charlie region. This road features long see areas and outstanding elevation gaule, making for just a ideal sniper surgery. Additionally players can find a no-mans-land bordering the actual Berlin Walls, but they also must exercising caution because the entire spot is patrolled by simply auto-turrets.

Stadium Multiplayer Map instructions The perfect guide for running and gunning. This map is designed for limited range Black Ops DLC along with close quarter battles. All types of warm corners and limited visibility makes multiplayer place seem like an instantaneous classic intended for fast-paced game enthusiasts. The best map if your preferred combating style can be a run and also gun, otherwise you just want to notice what your shotgun are able to do.