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The actual Exchange Offer will be made to skilled institutional potential buyers pursuant to help Rule 144A beneath the PRN Act involving 1933 while modified and non-U S i9000 individuals outside the United States in dependence on Regulation S i9000 beneath the Securities Act subject to market and other ailments Zero assurance may be since the Exchange Offer are going to be completed or maybe if finished as to often the terms on which they'll be done The particular Senior Debentures because of 2043 to become available in the Change Offer haven't been signed up under the Securities Act or some kind of state sec laws and can not be offered or perhaps sold in the United States missing registration or pursuant to the applicable permission from the signing up requirements with the Securities Take action and any pertinent state securities laws and regulations This particular press release is not going to PRN a purchase offer to trade or maybe the solicitation involving a purchase offer to acquire any security and safety nor can it constitute free front end offer application or sale in any legal system in which these offer solicitation or sale is definitely banned This kind of press release is given pursuant to Concept 135c beneath the Investments Take action

Viacom will certainly enter into the PRN rights arrangement based on the Older Debentures credited 2043 issued inside Exchange Offer and the Senior Debentures owing 2043 that Viacom expects in order to issue for funds on November dua puluh enam 2012