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Dmailer file backup is a free online assistance, which operates efficiently with both Windows and Mac COMPUTER ITSELF. It gives you 2 GIGABITE of space entirely, which is identical to what Dropbox presents.

Dmailer File backup alternative zu dropbox your current files just the way they're stored in your PC under version including 'My Pictures', 'My Videos' and so forth This significantly helps in rebuilding things during cases when your process crashes caused by reasons unidentified.

Wuala is a great provider, offered by Lacie. The many data residing in Wuala is definitely eine alternative zu dropbox, like the passwords, along with the service by no means transmits your security password over the multilevel in an unsafe structure.

It seems like just like a network commute after the set up and works including Dropbox; just about any data included in its folder is automatically supported and coordinated with other desktops. All round, Wuala is excellent, even though space offered is rather limited at the dropbox alternative 1 GB amount; one could increase the idea by inviting additional users and promoting them to make use of the Wuala hard drive provider.

Sugar Sync is additionally one of the very good Dropbox alternate options, which will come loaded with the majority of the superior features like discussing. back-up, synchronization, and so forth

Typically the free account delivers 5 GB safe-keeping, and that is a lot more than precisely what DropBox presents; it also offers additional storage through the referral program the same as the additional cloud storage companies.

It works well with House windows and Mac pc.