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SNMP Quick Start

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Vance Shipley and Serge Aleynikov

Agent Configuration


In the following examples we will assume we are logged in as the user otpuser and working from a home directory of home/otpuser. Create a subdirectory to contain the configuration files of the agent named snmp/agent/conf and another for the working files named snmp/agent/db.

Code listing 1.1: Create the Agent Configuration and Database Directories

$ mkdir -p snmp/agent/conf
$ mkdir -p snmp/agent/db

Agent Information

The snmp/agent/conf/agent.conf file defines the information for this agent. The IP address and port which the agent will respond to must be provided as well as a unique identifier called an engineID. The maximum size of a packet must also be provided.

{{CodeSnippet|Code listing 1.2: Create the Agent Information File|
$ cat