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  • Open Source Erlang - By Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory, soft realtime, declarative, functional language for concurrent, distributed systems. Compiles to BSD, Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Windows. Descriptions, documents, links, projects: Ericsson, user. [Open Source, Erlang Public License]
  • Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems - An Erlang definition.
  • Ericsson Erlang/OTP - Commercial support for Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom Platform) under Solaris, NT, and VxWorks.
  • Erlang Projects - Site allowing members to participate in Erlang related projects, share documents, and add resources of interest to others.
  • Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. - Offers Erlang/OTP training courses at all levels, seminars, consulting services and code reviews. Based in London, its consultants and trainers are available for long and short term jobs worldwide.
  • - English page of French Erlang site, a few interesting articles.
  • The Great Computer Language Shootout - Erlang - A benchmark Erlang test programs.
  • Sjöland & Thyselius Telecom AB - Provides experienced Erlang/OTP consultants, offers courses and is able to take responsibility for out-sourced development and/or maintenance Erlang projects. S&T provides its services world-wide.
  • Wiki - A Wiki site developed in Erlang with news and discussions about Erlang/OTP.

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