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[ |ib program] - Site aggregating Erlang RSS Feeds.
[ |ib program] - Site aggregating Erlang RSS Feeds.
[ |schools indore]
*Wikipedia includes an entry on the [ Erlang Programming Language].
*Wikipedia includes an entry on the [ Erlang Programming Language].

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  • Open Source Erlang - The Erlang Open Source site maintained by Ericsson. If the main site is down, try one of these mirrors: www1 www2, and most likely to work: www3.
  • Erlang Factory Conference - Official page of the Erlang Factory Conference and University, held every year in the SF Bay Area and in London featuring the largest gathering of Erlang expertise around.
  • The Dialyzer is a static analysis tool that identifies software discrepancies such as type errors, unreachable code, redundant tests, virtual machine bytecode which is unsafe in single Erlang modules or entire applications.
  • Erlang Projects at Sourceforge - Sourceforge is the main repository for Erlang projects, with lots of examples and interesting applications being developed.
  • Erlang Search Engine - Searching both official and non-official Erlang sites. Based on Google Co-op.

|ib program - Site aggregating Erlang RSS Feeds.

|schools indore

  • Service Architectures - a technical whitepaper that contrasts Erlang as an enterprise web platform with LAMP and the standard enterprise Java-based stack.
  • Rabbit MQ is an Erlang implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging.
  • Erlang the Movie, described as a Monty Python spoof by some and a serious attempt to market Erlang within Ericsson by others. We are glad the protagonists did not give up their day jobs for a career in acting.
  • Erlang Programming A concurrent approach to Software Development, an O'Relly book by Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson
  • Programming Erlang, Software for a Concurrent World written by one of the inventors of Erlang, Joe Armstrong. (The one with the mustache in the video).
  • CouchDB - Document orientated database written in Erlang.