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How to write HowTo's

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1. The first chapter.

The first section of the chapter

We are great fans of Gentoo, and encurage everyone to try it out. The document style you see here is taken from Gentoo, which has excellent (and beautiful) documentation. We have just made some minor adjustments, removing some Gentoo specific stuff. However, all credits should go to the Gentoo Documentation Project, where you can read more about the markup syntax etc.

Markup examples

Here is some examples of various tags. /etc/passwd is a file. Here is an example of a command: ls. Some emphazised text.

Code listing 1.1

Here comes some text output or code. 1> F = fun(X) -> X+1 end.

  1. Fun<erl_eval.5.123085357>

2> lists:map(F, [1,2,3]). [2,3,4]

// How to use an anonymous function.

Note: This is a note.

Warning: This is a warning.

Important: This is important.

Code listing 1.2: Output of time()

1> time(). {9,49,56}