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&lt;code caption="Code Snippet 1"&gt;
loop() ->
<code caption="Code Snippet 1">
loop() ->

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Creating HowTo's


The best way to start creating a new How To is to look at the source of all the others howto's. (Hopefully someone will give a good explanation on how to create a new one.)

Creating A New Page

A simple way to create a new Wiki page is to edit a URL to the title of the new page.

For instance, for a new page called 'Grokking OTP Principles' you can simply browse to a new URL that looks like this:

Adding New Article To HowTo Category

At the moment the only core thing for creating a new howto is how to add the new article in to the HowTo category.

This is done by adding the line


at the bottom of the howto.

This will then automatically add the article to the category.

Embedding Erlang Code

Erlang code can be embedded in pages using the

<code></code> tags.

The code tag can take a 'caption' attribute which will cause a caption to be displayed for the snippet. It is a good idea to use the code tags rather than try and format code samples yourself since future extensions to the Wiki will include syntax highlighting for appropriately marked up code.

You can also create a code section by just putting a space in front of each line:

Code Line 1
Code Line 2
Code Line 3