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Erlang Paris

Paris (France) is home to two well-established Erlang shops and several start-ups are appearing.

After meeting very occasionally for several years, we have been holding a monthly Erlounge/User Group meeting since 2009.

  • Third monday of each month
  • Orange Business Services, 106 rue du temple, 75003 Paris (Google map)
  • Metro stations: Châtelet, République, Temple, Rambuteau or Arts et métiers
  • 7pm: coding dojo or technical presentation
  • around 9pm: we go somewhere for drinks and food
  • iCal entry on Google
  • We usually speak french but are happy to speak english if we have visitors!
  • Mailing list:

Please try to come with a subject in mind for a kata.

N.B. Registration is required for the coding dojo so that the reception at Orange has a list of attendees.

Some past sessions

15 mars 2010

About 18 people.

Kata (by Dominic Williams): code a Porter stemmer for French, with test-driven-development based on these tests

Retrospective :

  • it would be nice if more people offered to do a kata
  • let's do randoris too, so that the code is less "prepared" and people can participate more
  • stemming is boring :-)