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Erlang Paris

Paris (France) is home to two well-established Erlang shops and several start-ups are appearing.

After meeting very occasionally in the last few years, we have started holding a monthly Erlounge:

  • Third monday of each month around 7.30pm

iCal entry

We usually speak french but are happy to speak english if we have visitors!

There is no mailing list: use this page for messages to the group. People are free to browse here or to add it to their watchlist for email notifications.

Next session planned on 16th November 2009

For security reason, please register if you plan to come. Add your name on this page and send a mail to


106 rue du temple.



Coding session with one laptop and a beamer.

Which topics do you want to talk about ?

* how to unit test a process  ?
* dialyzer 
* .... 

Planning to come

* NicolasCharpentier (contact me if needed