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Adding my own BIF

Revision as of 15:47, 31 July 2006 by Rvirding (Talk | contribs)

0) run configure
1) add your bifs to erts/emulator/beam/

e.g. bif re:grep/2 bif re:compile/1

2) create a C file

e.g. erts/emulator/beam/erl_bif_re.c

3) add your C file to erts/emulator/<arch>/Makefile

e.g. RUN_OBJS = $(OBJDIR)/erl_bif_re.o \

4) implement your bifs by stealing bits from existing erl_bif_*.c files

e.g. BIF_RETTYPE re_grep_2(BIF_ALIST_2){ Eterm result; result = magic_function(); BIF_RET(result); }

5) run make; make install

steps 0-3 need only be done once.

note that if you add bif re:grep/2

to there should be a erl_bif_re.c

that implements BIF_RETTYPE re_grep_2(BIF_ALIST_2);