Industrial Erlang User Group

The purpose of the Industrial Erlang User Group is to provide a forum allowing enterprise users of Erlang/OTP to work with Ericsson to secure the future health, wellbeing and commercial success of the Erlang programming language outside Ericsson. The aim is to complement the work Ericsson is doing in terms of libraries, tool chains and contributions while spreading awareness and increasing user adoption.

- From the Mission Statement page

The Industrial Erlang User Group will establish a communication channel with the OTP team at Ericsson and assist with marketing and practical interaction with the open source community. The User Group will represent to Ericsson its combined views on a range of matters related to Erlang including shaping of Erlang/OTP product roadmap to ensure its future commercial success and broader global adoption. It will also take care of implementing and funding items not on Ericsson roadmap but of interest to the members of the group.

Erlang Central is controlled and managed by the Industrial Erlang User Group. The executive committee of the User Group will also hire a community manager based out of Europe in the first year of operation. The community manager will be in charge for the activities of the group. A second community manager based in the US will be employed during the second year.